Southeast Emulsions

Southeast Emulsions is a vertically integrated Pavement Preservation solution provider supplying Pavement Preservation products and the services to apply them.

These products and services are used to maintain Interstates, state highways, city streets, county roads, airports, airstrips, and all other road surfaces. Southeast Emulsions offers:

  • Full line of commodity asphalt emulsions
  • Superbond C – Trackless Tack
  • Tuffbond – High Performance Chip Seal
  • EcoPatch – Cold Patch asphalt
  • FastTack
  • Micro-surfacing
  • Eco-Prime
  • Full Depth Reclamation
  • Cold-In-Place Recycling
  • Mix design services
  • FiberMat®
  • UltraWear™

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Regional Office

Southeast Emulsions – Main (Regional Office)

220 North Main
Suite 605
South Carolina 29601
Phone: (864) 331-2550
Fax: (864) 331-2551

Union Terminal

1404 Jonesville Highway
South Carolina 29379
Phone: (864) 327-7349

Products and Services

Emulsions, Pavement Preservation

Perry Terminal

115 Industrial Park Drive
Georgia 31069
Phone: (229) 938-7557

Products and Services

Emulsions, Asphalt, Pavement Preservation