Heavy Highway and Civil

Reeves Construction, with annual sales exceeding $300 million, is a leader in heavy highway construction in the Southeastern states, performing work for Departments of Transportation in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, as well as a long list of satisfied commercial and private customers, and local government entities. 

Reeves will achieve your project goals through integrated resources with our team of experts. We are safety oriented, financially sound, highly motivated, strategically positioned and professionally managed.  We perform all phases of road construction to include earth work, utilities, drainage, concrete and asphalt paving, bridge construction, as well as aggregate production and the manufacturing of asphalt pavement.

 We offer several options of asphalt mixes including conventional hot mix, crumb-rubber mix, eco-friendly warm mix and cold mix, with our asphalt plants strategically located throughout Georgia and South Carolina.  If you have a special asphalt mix design need, such as noise reduction, skid resistance, or any other unconventional requirement, our technical team can provide a solution for you.

Our experience in the transportation sector includes construction of highways, streets, port infrastructure, railroads, and airports.

While the transportation industry is a significant part of our business, we also bring many years of experience in the construction of dams, canals, levees, landfills, mining, military infrastructure, heavy industrial sites, and commercial and residential developments.

Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations.