Transportation Funding Act of 2015

Georgia DOTGeorgia DOT is extremely grateful for the work of the Governor and the legislature in providing additional funding to advance transportation – Funding that will help make Georgia the #1 state for business investment and economic development. The legislature recognized a need that was well demonstrated and we appreciate their hard work in making the additional funding a reality. This additional estimated $830 million to $1 billion in annual revenues will give us the opportunity to take care of our critical infrastructure and begin working through our backlog of capital maintenance projects that have been deferred.
These additional revenues will also allow us to do routine maintenance (currently not federally eligible), such as patching potholes, bridge joint repairs, pipe repairs, pavement preservation, litter pick-up and mowing. These much needed revenues will help us to return many of our under-maintained transportation systems to fair or better – up from their currently poor conditions.
The HB170/Transportation Funding Act of 2015 (TFA 2015) affirmed the Legislative Joint
Study Committee’s recommendation that $1 – $1.5 B in new annual transportation infrastructure funding is needed to address the State’s challenges. It is an excellent example
of what so many other states are facing – it provides multiple options including the indexing of the excise tax and other fees to maintain a more dependable funding stream that will help counter the inflationary effects that could exist later. It also allows funding flexibility between state and federal funding. TFA 2015 is not a unique program to one area of the Department, but is spread across all programs.
Georgia DOT must prioritize the backlog of transportation needs for this additional funding; primary focus areas will include maintenance and operations. The additional state funding allows the Department the ability to move federal funding to less complex projects; allowing projects to be potentially delivered faster and cheaper.
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