Reeves North Division Sponsors Highschool Students Workforce Development Skills Challenge

tech train 3On November 20, the Augusta Exchange Club Fairgrounds felt like a construction work site with the smells of sawdust and buzzing of power tools in the air as high school students participated in the first East Georgia Workforce Development Alliance Skills Challenge where Reeves Construction Company and American General Contractor Association of Georgia were one of many sponsors assisting in the event.  One group of students laid out a wood floor and built a stud wall, hammering nails and fitting wood pieces together. Others did masonry work, cementing bricks and carefully smoothing mortar. Behind tarp curtains, welders sliced through metal, sending sparks through the air. Students also ran wiring through plywood walls and assembled plumbing designs.  The Reeves team said it was such a pleasure being part of the event and having the opportunity to train the future labor force of America. tech train 1tech train 4

See a video the students put together about the event!

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