Reeves Gives Back – Additional Parking for Promise of Hope

DUDLEY—Promise of Hope, Inc. has additional paved parking on the Dudley campus thanks to donations from Reeves Construction Company and McDonald’s of Dublin. The parking project was completed April 22, 2010. The project increased the parking in Dudley by 16 spaces, bringing the total paved parking to 24.
Promise of Hope is a non-profit, faith-based organization offering assistance and biblical guidance to women over the age of 18 suffering from the disease of addiction. Their mission is to enable women to understand and accept Christ’s forgiveness and acceptance through the study of God’s Holy Word and 12-step recovery programs.
The Dudley property had eight paved parking spaces. Of those eight, three were used for the organization’s vehicles and the other five were used for the full-time employees, which meant all eight spaces were occupied daily, leaving no additional space for volunteers during the week.
Monthly, Promise of Hope holds Family Day and After Care meetings. Family Day meetings are for husbands, children, and parents to learn about the disease of addiction and have the opportunity to share feelings, concerns, and fears with other family members, some of whom have been in recovery for a long time. Family Day averages 20 family members, two staff, and two volunteers, according to Laurie Wicker, executive director. After Care is a recovery related meeting that gives former residents the opportunity to share feelings, concerns, fears, and accomplishments in a safe and familiar environment. According to Wicker, the average attendance is 10 for After Care meetings, which includes staff.
“The Board of Directors meets bi-monthly,” Wicker said. “The 15-member board may also now have sufficient parking for their meetings.”
“The additional paved parking is a blessing,” said Denise Dobbins, founder. “Prior to this gift, parking spilled over onto the lawn. Visitors may now have ample space to park. I am grateful to Reeves and McDonald’s for their generosity.”

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