Reeves’ East Repaved 15 Year Old Basketball Court for Thomson Elementary

Thomson Elementary School students received a wonderful surprise on Tuesday, December 13, 2011. Reeves Construction Company, led by Asphalt Foreman Darriek Rush and Asphalt Superintendent Jay Arnett, repaved a 15 year old basketball court for the students of Thomson Elementary School. Reeves Construction donated their time, expertise, and asphalt in this re-pavement project. Reeves Construction Company, East Region, donated over $8,000 towards this re-pavement project. This contribution has assisted Thomson Elementary School in reaching its goal of promoting physical activity and positive health choices for the children of McDuffie County, Georgia. Thomson Elementary School is one of the four elementary school recipients of the Carol M. White Physical Fitness Grant. This grant has provided physical fitness indoor and outdoor equipment, playground equipment, basketball goals, curriculum, resources and training. Thank you Reeves Construction Company !!


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