R. B. Baker – Georgia Ports Authority Gate 8

n April 2015, R.B. Baker Construction entered into a multi-million dollar fast track contract with Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) for th e Gate 8 and Empty Yard Depot Phase 1 and 2 project.  The project scope was to develop a 55 acre site that includes two new security gate access points and 24 acres of asphalt pavement storage for empty shipping containers.  In 2016, Phase 3 was added through a prime contract change order. The scope of this change included an additional 13 acres of asphalt paving and related     infrastructure.   Throughout construction our project team worked closely with Georgia Ports Authority and their engineer, Moffatt and Nichol, to aid in the development, pricing, and execution of 19 amendments to the initial bid documents.  This partnering effort allowed Georgia Ports Authority to start construction on the project prior to having 100% complete design documents.  This resulted in a reduced   construction timeline which was significantly less than traditional design-bid-build delivery methods. The Project Superintendent, Dick Austin, was a major contributor to the successful completion of this project through his excellent coordination and customer service based focus with the Owner and Engineer. Substantial completion for this project was in December 2016.  

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