North Duncan – SC 150 and SC 176

Sloan Duncan was awarded a job from SCDOT in Cherokee County in the spring of 2017. The project was to address two major state routes with high traffic volumes that were in need of repair – SC 150 near Boiling Springs, North Carolina and SC 176 in Whitmire, South Carolina. The roads were to be widened and have Cement Modified Recycled Base (CMRB) installed and paved.

The project immediately ran into a number of issues. Our subcontractor for the CMRB performed an investigation on 176 and discovered that the asphalt road was too thick for their equipment. On SC 150, the DOT was confronted by property owners who did not want the road to be widened. After research, the SCDOT discovered that the landowners actually owned the property right up to the existing road, therefore, the road could not be widened.

After constant communication and meetings between Sloan, SCDOT, and the property owners, we were able to reach an agreement on how to move forward with the project that will still allow the roads to receive the needed repairs. Upon completion of this project, this will show how important it is to communicate and compromise with our customers and the public in order to resolve challenges.



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