North Augusta – Mike Padgett Highway

In an effort to help save lives, Reeves Construction and other subcontractors in Augusta, Ga., are    making improvements to a dangerous stretch of roadway commonly referred to as Mike Padgett   Highway. Work on the $29 million State Route (SR) 56 project began in late 2013.

This construction project will create additional lanes at side road intersections, which will allow vehicles to decelerate and exit out of the through travel lanes when making turns. This will enhance rear-end crash avoidance at these locations.  Working in an environment with traffic nearby, crews are ever mindful of motorists, especially considering the roadway’s reputation.

The main equipment being used involves conventional grading machinery, including dozers, excavators, loaders, graders, and dump trucks as the primary fleet. Asphalt operations consist of a paver, a transfer vehicle, multiple rollers, brooms, and a number of dump trucks. Workers utilized the latest Topcon GPS technologies, including integrated equipment systems.

The work involves almost 5 miles (8 km) of widening and reconstruction. It includes construction of  two bridges and approaches. The widening will include four 12-ft. (3.7 m) travel lanes (two in each direction), a 22-ft. (6.7 m) raised concrete center median and 10-ft. (3 m) shoulders, with 6.5 ft. (2 m) being paved and the balanced being grassed.

The GDOT allowed the contractor to recycle all the existing roadway concrete into recycled graded aggregate base to be used on the project. Crews also incorporated 30 percent recycled asphalt (RAP) in all the asphalt placed on the project.  The new four-lane highway was fully opened to traffic in March 2017. However, the estimated completion date has been adjusted to next March, due to  remaining bridge construction at Little Spirit Creek and other factors.  Making roads safer!

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