North Augusta – Marvin Griffin Road

Marvin Griffin Road is a 1.5 mile road improvement project connecting Mike Padgett Highway (HWY 56) to Doug Barnard Parkway. There are many manufacturing facilities located off this stretch of road including Textron, Kellogg, Occidental Chemical, and Azko Nobel.

The project consists of installing 8,000 linear feet (lf) of the new 16” water main from Hwy 56 to Doug Barnard, widening the road from 2 lanes to 4 lanes with curb and gutter on both sides, sidewalk on one side, and installing 18,000 lf of storm drain pipe including 2 off-site discharge runs. The project site is congested with underground utilities. This will require coordination with many facility plants concerning interruptions to their water service. We are off to a good start in
communicating with the users and working with the City of Augusta Engineering and Utility Department, by holding monthly meetings to provide a platform for concerns to be presented and plans of action to be generated.



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