Dooly County Interchange State Route 27 and I-75, Exit 112

Reeves West Region was awarded an Interchange Improvement Project in October 2015. This project has a completion date of December 31, 2018 and requires the relocation of three county roads and construction of a bridge over I-75 including new on and off-ramps. The new ramps consist of 53,000 square yards of 10-inch concrete paving. After opening to traffic, the existing bridge and ramps will have to be removed. This project will be constructed in four stages to allow the traveling public to have access through the project at all times. The relocation of the county roads will require 147,000 cubic yards of imported borrow material. The area around the bridge and ramps will require 340,000 cubic yards of imported borrow material.

Currently, 387,000 cubic yards of borrow material has been placed, the bridge is near completion, and 45,000 tons of the 72,000 graded aggregate base has been installed. Concrete paving of the south bound ramps began in March 2018, and grading for the south bound ramps will be completed in early summer. The project is expected to be open to traffic in December 2018.

APRIL 2018




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