Augusta – Washington Road Widening Project

Reeves Augusta was awarded a contract of widening 2.879 miles of the existing SR 104 from Gibbs Rd. to William Few Parkway including widening of existing bridge and culverts. This project consists of 120,000 cubic yards of excavation, 118,850 tons of GABC, 150,000 tons of HMA, 24,000 LF of storm drainage, and new culvert construction. This project also includes full relocation of all existing utilities including 19,665 LF of 12” water main. The project is 10% complete and completion date is expected to be August 4, 2017.

Activities performed during May: Foremen Chris Higginbottom, Chris Doss, and David Cribbs moved 16,000 cubic yards of earthwork and installed over 2,200 LF of storm drain-age. Other activities included erosion control, traffic control, sub support, and utility support. Utility relocation is a critical activity at this stage of the project with all underground and overhead utilities relocating out of con-flict with construction. Subcontractors continued to make progress on water main relocation and storm drain structures. Most of the work per-formed during the month is in preparation of a traffic shift to be complet-ed in June that will enable Reeves to         continue with stage 2 construction. Special Note: David Cribbs with R.B. Baker was present the entire month of May helping Reeves progress with the storm drainage on the project. Thanks to Baker for lending us a great crew! 

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