North—Reeves Augusta

Highway 17 Widening—McDuffie/Wilkes:

Highway 17 is a $41 million GDOT project which consists of widening an existing 9.25 mile section of GA17/US78. The dry weather in the last three months has allowed our grading subcontractor to move approximately 350,000 cubic yards of the 1.2 million yards of material on this project. Other subcontractors have installed two of the three culverts on the project, relocated water lines, and planted permanent grass. Reeves’ crews have installed over 3700 LF of storm drain. Our bridge subcontractor is scheduled to begin installing caissons towards the end of the year on the first of two bridges. Our lime soil stabilization subcontractor is also scheduled to begin operations in December.
The project is 20% complete with a completion date of November 13, 2019.