Marine Base Albany

On May 7, 2012, Reeves Construction Company, Southeast Pavement Services, was awarded a $2,060,313 project at the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany, Georgia.  The contract was awarded by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast Division to the prime contractor Arrow Construction Company as a design build project. The design is being performed by Greenehorne and Omara (G&O) and Reeves work consist of demolishing the old track, base, grading and placing of the new concrete track

The Existing Vehicle Test Track, managed by the base maintenance department, serves as a location to test military vehicles before they are shipped to their appointed destination.  The track is a one mile oval with a concrete width of 20 feet.  The cross slope of the track ranges from 2% on the straight-away to 22% on the super-elevated curves at each end of the track.  The new track will remain one mile in length and maintain the same cross slopes as the existing track.  The new track will be widened to 22 feet on the curves and 26 feet on the straight-away sections.  The track is designed to allow testing of vehicles weighing up to 70-ton axle loading at speeds up to 65 mph, although it is primarily used to test armored track military vehicles at speeds up to 50 mph.

The 8,900 tons of concrete for the existing test tack began being rubblized in July of 2012 and was crushed down to a graded aggregate that was later re-used as a base course for the new track.  The grading began by Reeves on the straight-away sections and was fairly routine as it was a 2% cross slope which is standard for tangent sections of roadway.  The challenges came once grading began on the 22% cross slope on the curves.  Pull-behind pans were utilized by Reeves to bring borrow dirt and graded aggregate base as it was not possible to use dump trucks on a slope that steep.  Once, the material was placed on the curves, it was then fine grade using equipment attached with GPS.  Reeves built a haul road on the inside and outside sections of the track for the concrete slip-form paving operation.  The haul road allows access for the concrete trucks and the rubber tracked concrete placer to ride safely.  The Gomaco slip-form paver has been designed and modified to be able to walk around the track at its entirety.

The project is slated for completion in March of 2013. Upon completion of this project, the base and maintenance center will be provided with a brand new concrete track which is wider and safer for the testing of military vehicles.