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trafficThe Transportation Funding Act of 2015 (HB 170) has passed the Senate Transportation Committee and is set to be voted on This Friday! As you know, this bill is critical to the future of the transportation industry in Georgia. HB 170, in it’s current form, would provide much of the funding to meet our growing transportation and infrastructure needs. The bill’s sponsor in the senate Sen. Steve Gooch, has proven he is committed to finding a balance between the needed funding and the impact on taxpayers. The bill has changed from what it contained in the House of Representative but it still contains valuable funding. It is CRITICAL that this bill continue to move forward. While there is continued support for the bill, there is a lot of vocal opposition. I hope you will join me in taking a few minutes TODAY to Call or Email Your State Senator and ask them to Support HB 170 by voting YES. Please let them know that the transportation industry in Georgia supports their willingness to address this issue and you appreciate them making difficult, but necessary, decisions for the greater good of Georgia.

We have provided the link below as an easy avenue to contact your legislator. Additionally, we have attached a document with talking points on the bill as it is currently written.

Click HERE to Contact your Legislator
Another way to find your legislator is to type your address into the page linked below:

Find Your Legislator

If you choose to send a more personal email, you may use this as a guide:

Senator ABC,

I am writing today to ask for your support of House Bill 170, the Transportation Funding Act of 2015. Addressing our transportation and infrastructure needs is a difficult challenge, but one that must be solved if we are going to remain the best state in the nation for business. This legislation will help to fund the modernization and maintenance of our road and bridge network which is vital to the success of our prosperous state.

I know that passing this bill will ultimately require making some difficult choices and want you to know that you have the support of me and the business community throughout our state.

Thank you for your leadership.


Thank you for your engagement in this very important issue.

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