Hwy 247 – Bibb and Houston County

Reeves Construction Company’s West Region, in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), set the Green standard for asphalt paving on this project, consisting of 27,250 tons of asphalt and 5.179 miles of milling and paving of all lanes from Echeconnee Creek to Liberty Church Road in Bibb and Houston Counties, Georgia, completing the job months ahead of schedule.  This project was constructed using asphalt mix with tires, taking another big step toward environmental leadership and minimizing our carbon footprint.  Reeves was the first company in the Southeast to perfect this “dry” method of blending ground tire  rubber and Vestenamer, a patented product that facilitates the homogenous blending of the ground tire rubber and the liquid asphalt.  This process known as Rubber Modified Asphalt (RMA) provides many benefits to our customers including longer lasting road surfaces, reduced maintenance, lower road noise, lower cost than other non-renewable products, and is considered a green product using a material that would otherwise be thrown into the landfills.

Testing on this asphalt product was conducted in collaboration with several Georgia companies including Reeves Construction Company, Liberty Tire Recycling and Lehigh Technologies who process the product into sustainable micronized rubber powder that is added to the asphalt formulation applied by Reeves.  Testing oversight and confirmation was provided by GDOT and NCAT (National Center for Asphalt Technology) and used approximately 20,000 end-of-life tires.  The excellent results from the trial on Hwy 247 placed Reeves and the GDOT on the cutting edge of Green infrastructure development.