Georgia Struck-By Alliance Safety Stand Down

March 23 kicks off  Georgia Struck-By Alliance Safety Stand Down which is implemented nationwide is to help to educate and protect highway construction and utility worker fatalities and serious injuries at work zone and construction sites. In 2010, there were 962 work zone fatalities that occurred in the U.S.  That’s one fatality every 10 hours nationwide (2.8 per day).

More than 40,000 people are injured each year as a result of motor vehicle crashes in work zones.

½ of fatal work zone crashers occur during the day; most on weekdays and most in Summer and Fall.

For Night Work, understand that there is poor visibility for both motorists and workers.  Additional lighting and proper garments must be worn by all workers.  There are some physical and social disruptions as well; sleep disruption, risk of injury from drowsiness, impaired family and social relationships because workers are on different shifts than other family members.

Road ConstructionAvoid blind spots and  treat equipment and vehicles with caution.  Stay clear of vehicles, know traffic  the control plan and stay within limitations established by traffic control devices.  Do not approach equipment or vehicles until you have eye contact with the operator/driver.  Use spotters whenever backing.  Make sure all backup alarms are working properly.  If you have to use equipment with a swing radius, make sure the swing is within established lanes.  Check to make sure no part of the equipment enters an open lane.

High visibility safety apparel is required for all workers to ensure visibility from 360 degrees.  Inspect safety apparel regularly to ensure color has not faded or retroreflective properties are not lost.

Equipment and vehicle operations must be accomplished using extreme caution.  Always wear a seat belt and never move, turn, back equipment or  vehicles without first ensuring there is no other equipment, persons, of vehicles that may interfere with your movement.

Drive SafelyAlways use three point contact when climbing on/off a piece of equipment.

Always wear proper PPE to include steel toe boots, googles, gloves and other items mandated by the job being performed.

It is the goal of our Company to ensure that all employees and the public are safe,  protected and educated.

Work Zone Handout

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Highway Work Zone Handout – Spanish

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