Augusta Regional Airport

Reeves Construction Company’s East Region was up to the challenge as they performed their work on this project consisting of milling and paving the taxi-way and portions of the runways with 20,000 tons of hot mix asphalt, P401FAA, a Federal Aviation grade mix.  The airport shut down the runway allowing Reeves about 3-4 hours of actual paving time each night.  This presented unique challenges in maintaining the highest standards of quality, while at the same time ensuring that the strict tolerances for surface smoothness were achieved, without interfering with flight operations.  Reeves used two milling machines and two pavers side by side and all sections were tied back nightly.  The runway underwent strenuous inspections for FOB (Foreign Object Debris) before it could be utilized again each day.  Reeves’ crews were committed and worked diligently to ensure that nightly deadlines were met while providing the highest quality product, a safe working environment, and meeting the Owner’s critical needs.